Our top flower arranging tips

1. Mix it up

When choosing your flowers, odd numbers rule. Try layering three big blooms (hydrangeas or peonies), five medium-sized heads (roses or tulips) and seven smaller heads (freesias or plumes of delphiniums). Spacing them evenly throughout the display creates balance, and just looks kind of nice (technical we know).


2. Colour scheming

You can go classic with complementary colours or go for more of a statement and choose clashing colours. Both can look good, although clashing is a bit trickier to pull off. Whichever colour scheme you choose, mixing different textures can add another eye-catching dimension to your arrangement.


3. Get green

Flowers need a stage to perform on so give them a backdrop. A load of greenery will give depth to your display and show off each flower head. Position large dramatic leaves at the base of your arrangement or fill in with smaller, delicate foliage.


4. Ogle from every angle

As you create your arrangement give it a twirl and take a step back every now and then to make sure textures and key blooms are evenly distributed. If your arrangement will be positioned against a wall, make sure each side is as full of flowers as the front. After all you want it to be instagram friendly don’t you? #blessed #flowerlife #flowerpower


5. Height of style

Flowers supposedly look their best at double the height of their vase. You can find the perfect vase to fit your arrangement in your local store. We’ve got all sorts of styles and materials to choose from. So trim them to fit your gorgeous new vase and voila!

Happy arranging!