Flower Care Tips

Tips to keep your flowers fresh

1. Add a fizzy drink to the water – a quarter of a can is sufficient as the sugars’ carbohydrates feeds the stems. Add a clear sugary drink to the water to avoid discolouring the water.

2. Chop the stem each day with a knife – by ensuring the stem is shorter daily, water and valuable nutrients arrive at the petal head consistently quicker due to the shorter journey.

3. Ensure minimal bacteria and sufficient nutrients – before your luxury flowers are placed in the vase, wash the vase with hot soapy water to wash out any potentially damaging bacteria.

4. Provide your flowers with a mist – spray your blooms with water and give the petal head more of a drink.

5. Ensure the vase is big enough – a large, plush bouquet will begin to wilt if it is cramped into a vase which is too small. Ensure the bouquets’ flowers have enough space to breath whilst ensuring your bouquet looks beautiful!