5 Top Tips for Sprucing Up Your Garden

Spring has sprung, and not a moment too soon. Fingers crossed we don’t get any more sudden snowstorms… assuming we don’t, it’ll soon be warm enough for afternoons outdoors.


So your first port of call is the garden, if you’re lucky enough to have one. Even if you’ve neglected yours over the long winter, we’ve got five pointers for sprucing up any garden - big or small. But don’t worry, they’re minimum effort and investment – just how we like it. So you can spend more time on your tan. Or at least your gin and tonic.


  1. Get colourful - One easy way to lift any garden is to add some colour in the form of a few snazzy new planters and pots. We’ve got all sorts of colours and shapes, or you could buy some paint and revitalise any old pots you already have. You could even repurpose a dresser by opening the drawers in a step pattern and planting in them – because you’re fancy like that.


  1. Light it up - Mood lighting isn’t just for your boudoir. String some fairy lights along a path, or arrange them in the branches of a tree or tall potted plant. Or take a look at our range of candle holders and lamps that you can place on garden tables or on the ground – the neighbours’ garden won’t hold a candle to yours. Come the evening it’ll be lit up all twinkly like a romcom.


  1. Accessorise to the occasion - Probably the easiest way to give your outdoor space a lift is to treat yourself to a new statement piece or two. Like a vintage-style watering can, or a new garden table. Even fresh cushion covers will make a world of difference. Check out your local Homesense for all kinds of garden-friendly accessories.


  1. Mirror mirror on the (garden) wall - This one is particularly good for small gardens and yards. Place large mirrors against walls to create the illusion of extra space and reflect sunlight into less sun-blessed parts of the garden. You can even check your form while doing a bit of al fresco downward dog.


  1. Gimme shelter - If there’s an area in your garden that’s a bit of a suntrap, instead of deploying a parasol, create shade by hanging a simple awning overhead. You can tie the corners to branches of trees, fence posts, or hooks screwed into brickwork. With that done, arrange a few chairs or cushions in the shade underneath to create a casual outdoor seating area.