Our 5 Top Beauty Tips for Summer

Sun, sea, and sand? Or garden, parks, and cans? Whatever your summer has in store, why not try a fresh new approach to beauty for the season of sizzling. We’ve put together our five top summer beauty tips.


1. Summer summer summer skincare

Did you know that your skincare routine should change from winter to summer as well as your wardrobe? Switch up your rich moisturiser for lighter oil-free cream to avoid a shiny, greasy look. We’re not your mum, but we have to say don’t forget to carry a high SPF (50 at least) cream around with you all day and top up regularly. Lip balm should have an SPF rating too.


2. The eyes have it

We’ve got nothing against pandas, but it’s not the most stylish look on a human. Fortunately, waterproof mascara exists. Use a quality one and you’ll keep your look all day (and evening). And, if we’re honest, it’s not just swimming pools and the sea that can affect your mascara in the summer… whoever said ladies don’t sweat was telling porkies. Waterproof mascara can be tricky to get off though, so use an oil-based makeup remover on a cotton pad to break down the waterproof properties.


3. Let it glow, let it glowww

We get it, you want that beachy glow but you live in Britain. Sunbeds are out, and fake tan is just… biscuity. But that’s ok because bronzing is here to save the day. To get that sun-soaked, healthy look, apply a good-quality bronzer on the high points of the face - where the sunlight would fall naturally - and add a touch of highlighter to put the finishing gloss on your glow.


4. Wake up and smell the sunshine

Not a beauty tip, as such, but important nonetheless - how about a fresh summer fragrance? Rich, sensual perfumes are perfect for the winter but in the summertime, lightening up your fragrance will do you the world of good. After all, the smells of summer are one of our fave things about the season - flowers, citrus, and vanilla are all perfect for long days lounging in the park.


5. Tickled pink (and coral, and peach)

Finding your perfect summer palette is all about choosing complementary hues. So, if you have cooler skin (with more pink in it than yellow), go for a bluer hue. If your skin has a golden or olive undertones, go for warmer, peachier hues. And if you’ve got a neutral skin tone, you’ll suit any pink. Pair a colourful eyeshadow with a nude lip and you’ll be soaking up the sun (and compliments) without a care in the world.