Made to do good in Uganda

Since 2011 we’ve been working to help improve the lives of families in Uganda through sustainable trade. Through these efforts we are pleased to be able to offer gorgeous handmade baskets and fair trade coffee, both of which help improve the lives of Ugandans.


War, political unrest, and a subsequent famine has resulted in an entire generation missing out on education in Western Uganda. In 2011 we set up the Rwenzori Sustainable Trade Project to try and ensure farmers were paid fairly for their coffee crop. These crops are now Fairtrade certified, meaning the farmers earn 20% more for what they produce and have greater access to international markets. Thanks to this, many more families from this region can afford to send their children to school.


As a result of this project we are pleased to be able to sell beautiful handmade baskets from £3.99 that are made with local materials by local craftswomen. Income from just two baskets could send a child to school for a term. And whole or ground coffee from £2.99 produced by 760 farmers in the Rwenzori mountains. Find them in store now.