Give Up Clothes For Good

Give Up Clothes For Good. We’re not suggesting you go nude, so keep your trousers on. That’s the name of our clothing donation campaign with Enable Ireland.

Enable Ireland provides vital therapy and support services to over 5,200 children and young people with disabilities across Ireland.

And hopefully you can help. You’ve probably got a few outfits just hanging around in your wardrobe keeping the clothes you actually wear company. Like that jacket you’ve kept ‘just in case’.  

Simply fill a bag with your quality pre-loved clothes, accessories or homeware and drop it off at your local TK Maxx store. Bin bag, tote bag, whatever bag you like. But please make sure everything you donate is in a decent condition.

There are permanent donation points in every TK Maxx store so you can donate at any time, all year round.

Your donated bits and pieces will be sold in Enable Ireland shops to raise vital funds to help take action for children with disabilities. A bag of donated items could raise up to €25. Funds are used to support specific projects directly benefiting children and young people with disabilities around the country, including purpose built children’s service centre, transport services and specialist equipment and assistive technology for children and young people with disabilities

Since 1997 TKMaxx customers and associates have raised over €2.8 million to support over 15,000 children and young people with disabilities and their families in local communities in 14 counties.

Thank you and happy decluttering.